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Azerbaijan, Baku 


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Baku State University

Scientific degree

 Ph.D on philology 



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The Role of the Newspaper “Adabiyyat ve Injasanat” (“Adabiyyat Qazeti”) in the Development of Azerbaijani Literary-Critical Thought(1960s-1970s)

5715.01; 5716.01


Theory of literature and Azerbaijani literature





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Basic scientific achievements

The Role of the Newspaper “Adabiyyat ve Injasanat” (“Adabiyyat Qazeti”) in the Development of Azerbaijani Literary-Critical Thought(1960s-1970s)(dissertation),  scientific articles.. 

Names of scientific works

1.        Bakhtiyar Vahabzade and  Turkish world // "Risale" research collection, 2009, № 6, p. 89-96

2.        Development perspectives of Azerbaijani language and culture // Proceedings of young scientists, 2013, № 8, p. 203-205

3.        Poetry of Tofig Bayram in the newspaper"Literature and Art" // "Risale" research collection, 2014, № 10, p. 163-170

4.        Every museum is the new page of our culture and history / Third scientific republic conference proceedings “The role of museums in study of Azerbaijani history” dedicated to 90-th birthday anniversary of national leader Heydar Aliyev, Baku: April 18-19, 2013, p. . 223-227

5.        The place of “Adabiyyat Gazeti” in our press // Language and literature, International scientific-theoretical journal, 2015, № 4 (96), p. 242-244

6.        The study and propaganda of classical period Azerbaijani literature (Based on materials of the newspaper “Adabiyyat ve injasanat” (“Literature and art”)// Philological issues, 2016, №1, p. 269-275

7.        Azerbaijani Renaissance: From problem to reality (Based on materials of the newspaper  “Edebiyyat ve injasanat” (“Literature and Art” ) / "Medieval times from our age", Proceedings of the II International Scientific Conference dedicated to the corresponding member of ANAS, Honored Worker of Science, Professor R.Azade, Baku: Science , 2014, p. 577-582

8.        Literary discussions and events (based on the materials of the newspaper "Literature and Art" 1960-70) / Actual problems of Azerbaijan studies, materials of the VI International Scientific Conference dedicated to the 92nd anniversary of national leader Heydar Aliyev, Part I, 5- May 7, 2015, Baku. s. 440-442

9.        Our literature - our spirituality // "Risale" research collection, 2016, № 12, p.159-167

10.     Common voice and loving heart of the Turkic world / Council of Young Scientists and Specialists Proceedings of the Republican Conference "National Values and Struggle for Independence" dedicated to the 90th anniversary of Bakhtiyar Vahabzade, "Risale" research collection, № 11, Baku: Science and Education , 2015, pp.151-153

11.     The problems of common theoretical issues and creative method in literature of 1960-1970 th(on the basis of materials the newspaper "Literature and art"in1960-1970) // Collection of literature, Works of the Institute of Literature named after Nizami, Volume XXIX, 2017, № 1 , pp.228-236

12.     For Present (on the Basis of the materials newspaper 1960-1970-ies "Literature and Art"). Scientific - production magazine, "State and Regions", № 3-4 (42-43), 2015, Series: Humanities, p. 25-28


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 Chairman of the Women's Organization

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National Museum of Azerbaijan Literature named after Nizami Ganjevi of ANAS, Istiglaliyyat 53, Baku, Azerbaijan, Az1001


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(+994 12) 4923179


(+994 55) 5717550 

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