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Board of Directors of scientific institutions of ANAS held a meeting at the Main building of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan on March 10. The meeting was attended by the President of ANAS, Vice-Presidents and Academician-Secretary of ANAS, Academicians-Secretaries of scientific departments, directors of scientific institutions and responsible employees of the Presidium.

First of all, the results of monitoring the rational use of analytical instruments in scientific institutions of ANAS were discussed. In connection with this issue, the chief specialist of the Interdisciplinary Analytical Center of the Presidium of ANAS Arzu Alizadeh reported that the center conducted monitoring of devices and equipment in five institutes.

Noting that, the purpose of studying the real state of devices is the preparation of institutes for accreditation in accordance with the requirements of ISO 17025, Arzu Alizade added that, monitoring will be conducted in other scientific institutions of ANAS. At the event head of the Office of Administration of ANAS, Ph.D in Political Sciences Fatali Abdullayev spoke about projects implemented in the High Technology Park of ANAS, and application of innovative novelties in production. Fatali Abdullayev also reported that, the tests were completed within the framework of the projects implemented in accordance with the memorandum on cooperation in the scientific and technical and educational spheres signed between ANAS and the Military Academy of the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan.

Then the head of the Scientific and Analytical Department of the Office of Science and Education Fail Kazimov spoke about the main indicators of ANAS in authoritative scientific bases of the world, academic social networks and the level of using the international scientometric database of scientific citation indexes "Thomson Reuters". Speaking about scientific and analytical indicators of ANAS on results of 2016 in such authoritative scientific bases of the world as "Web of Science", "ScimagoJournal & CountryRank", international rating of ANAS, he noted that the level of usage of academic social networks by scientists of ANAS was studied. Said that, in 2016, 427 scientific works of Academy scientists were included to the "Web of Science" database, Faile Kazimov stressed that, this constitutes 56% of all scientific works included in this base in the republic. According to the research of the "ScimagoInstitutionsRanking" database, ANAS ranked the 672th among 5147 organizations, according to the research of the "RankingWeb of ResearchCenters" database, the Academy holds the 1872nd place among 7953 organizations.

Then the head of the Office of Science and Education, Doctor of engineering, Professor Aminaga Sadigov told about the results of the winter examination session in 2016 in doctoral studies of ANAS, presented the results of doctoral examinations of doctoral candidates and dissertators on specialty, foreign language and philosophy. He also reported on the progress of admission to doctoral studies and dissertations on the preparation of PhDs and doctors of sciences for 2017. The scientist noted that, for the current year, by ANAS approved a plan for admission to doctoral studies to prepare PhD - 99 people, Doctors of sciences - 48 people, disertat in the preparation of PhD - 136 people, doctors - 76 people.

Speaking about the training at the master's level in the Academy, Aminaga Sadigov stressed that the undergraduates studying in the last year who will become the first graduates of ANAS are now on scientific research and scientific and pedagogical practice. The scientist noted that the education departments of institutes are provided with all normative documents related to the design and protection of dissertations. Professor Aminaga Sadigov stressed the need to include in the composition of specialized dissertational councils heads of departments of education relevant institutions and the head of the Department of Magistracy of the Department of Science and Education.

At the event the head of the Office International Relations, PhD in Biology Esmira Alirzayeva spoke about the participation of ANAS in international programs. She noted that the Academy staff had the conditions for working in joint projects within the framework of the Partnership for Peace (NATO), Horizon 2020 (European Commission) programs, as well as Targeted Research and Development Initiatives (Ukrainian Science and Technology Centre). The head of the department reported that various projects have been implemented in several institutes of ANAS under the mentioned programs; Also with the support of the scholarship programs of UNESCO, Fulbright, DAAD and the Islamic Development Bank, doctoral students and young scientists received the opportunity to conduct research and practice in the scientific centers of the leading countries of the world, to participate in trainings and international scientific forums.

The results of monitoring conducted to identify the winning sites in the nomination "The Best Website of the Year" among scientific institutions and organizations of ANAS for 2016 were announced at the meeting. Deputy Head of the Department of Public Relations and Science Popularization of ANAS Presidium, head of the Monitoring Group Ulviyya Rzayeva reported that, in general, official information resources of 40 scientific institutes and organizations were analyzed in 6 scientific departments of ANAS: "The main purpose of the monitoring was to study the current situation, taking into account the requirements of the Law on "Information Acquisition", amount of information posted on websites of scientific institutions and organizations of ANAS and appeals to them, as well as stimulating the activities of websites, encouraging journalists and creative teams that have merit in the promotion and mass propaganda of science."

Then the issue of personnel discipline in scientific institutions of ANAS was considered. Head of the Office of Law and Human Resources, Ph.D. on Law Rasim Agasiev said that, in connection with this issue, institutes and organizations organized seminars. Presenting the results of the inspections conducted in the institutions, Rasim Agasiyev also gave his recommendations.

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