Published monograph “Arabic linguistics in Azerbaijan in the XX century” Dec 20, 2019 | 11:48 / New publications

The monograph “Arabic linguistics in Azerbaijan in the XX century” by the researcher of Arabic literature of the National Museum of Azerbaijani Literature named after Nizami Ganjavi ANAS Konul Eyvazova, was published.

The monograph is devoted to Arabic linguistics, which has ancient roots in the history of science in Azerbaijan, and the systematic development of the historical stages of this process.

The new publication, which covers topics such as the “Dissemination and Study of Arabic Literature in Azerbaijan,” “Arabic Linguistics in Medieval Azerbaijan,” “Arabic Language Textbooks for Secondary Schools and Higher Educational Institutions,” and others, is a valuable resource for students and researchers.

The monograph is a scientific contribution to the memory of the founder of Arab studies in Azerbaijan, Honored Scientist, Professor Alasgar Mammadov.

Note that this work is the first initiative in the field of determining the formation and directions of development of Arabic linguistics in our country in the XX century, studying and researching the work of scientists who have merit in the development of this science.

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