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Can a person be willing to sacrifice a lot of things in order to experience the joy of a moment, to be able to touch a stone or a tree, to witness an event?

After the first shots of the Second Karabakh War, I ended my article, which I wrote on September 30 and was published in the " Xalq qəzeti", with the words that recently our President has been driving to many openings. I wished those days to come, that soon our Supreme Commander-in-Chief will enter our liberated regions, where our tricolor flag is flying, Shusha and the Cidir plain!

The moments we longed for have come.

Our President was in Fizuli, Jabrayil, where he entered behind the wheel of an armored military vehicle, where he raised the Azerbaijani flag.

In October-November 2020, our villages and cities were liberated from occupation...

So here we are, here we are!

Director of the National Museum of Azerbaijani Literature named after Nizami Ganjavi of ANAS, Academician

"525-ci qəzet"

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