"The Sword and Feather of Khatai" a republican conference to be held Oct 18, 2017 | 15:59

On October 26, 2017, the National Museum of Azerbaijani Literature after Nizami Ganjavi ANAS will host a republican conference on "The Sword and Feather of Khatai" dedicated to the 530th anniversary of the birth of a statesman, poet Shah Ismail Khatai, who had exceptional merits in the socio-political and cultural Revival of the Azerbaijani people.

Conference topics:

- Literary heritage of Shah Ismail Khatai and problems of Azerbaijani literature of the Middle Ages;

- The place of Shah Ismail in the history of Azerbaijani statehood and the state of the Safavids;

- Cultural life in the period of Shah Ismail Khatai and cultural problems of Azerbaijan in the Middle Ages;

- The period of Shah Ismail Khatai and memoir science in the following centuries, the advanced faces of the chronicle and the art of translation, important works and created traditions;

- Hand-written art of Azerbaijan in the period of Shah Ismail Khatai and miniatures, calligraphy of the middle Ages, stages of the development of the art of compiling books;

- Mother tongue in the period of Shah Ismail Khatai and in medieval Azerbaijan and problems of terminology;

- Issues of the state construction and construction of the army in the period of Shah Ismail Khatai and in Azerbaijan in the Middle Ages;

- The main directions of Azerbaijan's foreign policy during the Safavid period and the problems of medieval Azerbaijani diplomacy;

- Shah Ismail Khatai and the Azerbaijani Safavid state in world historiography and philological thought;

- Philosophical and religious currents and sects in the Safavid period in the context of socio-political and philosophical thought of medieval Azerbaijan.

Requirements for the preparation of reports:

The title of the report should be printed in capital letters, the Times New Roman text font, the 12th size, 1.5 intervals, the distance to the right and the left - 20 mm, the bottom and top - 20 mm.

- The volume of the abstract text together with the abstract in English should not exceed two pages;

- The title of the report, name, surname, patronymic, place of work and email address of the author should be indicated at the beginning of the text.

The last date of acceptance of abstracts: November 5, 2017


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