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Alibayli Shafag Enver

Place of birth Baku   
Date of birth 04.07.1949 
Education Baku State University, faculty of oriental studies, Persian sector  
Scientific degree Doctor of sciences 

Topic of  PhD thesis:

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Iranian languages

«The lingual-poetic features of the Persian «Divan» by Fizuli»

Topic of doctoral thesis:

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Iranian languagesPersian «Divan» by Fizuli: the lingual-poetic features

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Basic scientific achievements

The investigations at the sphere of linguistic stylistics (Persian «Divan» by Fizuli), lexicology (the antonyms in Persian), lexicography (the dictionary expressed in verse «Тadjridul-lugat» by Ali Badkubi, the Persian-Russian-Azerbaijani Dictionary).

Names of scientific works

The books:


  1. «The Persian «Divan» by Fizuli: the lingual-poetic features».
  2. «The antonyms in Persian».
  3. «The brief Persian-Russian-Azerbaijani Dictionary»


Some articles:


  1. «Bilingualism in the Persian «Divan» by Fizuli»                                                                   
  2. «The common features Persian «Divan»s by  Nasimi and Fizuli»                                                            
  3. «The role of the dictionaries expressed in verse in the development of bilingualism on East»                                          
  4. «About the dictionary expressed in verse «Тadjridul-lugat» by Ali Badkubi»                                          
  5. «The epithets-autographs by Fizuli»                     
  6. «About the personification of the poetic modesty and pride in the Persian «Divan» by Fizuli»                                                                                 
  7. «Simplicity» as the refined poetic and stylistic trics in poetry by Saadi and Fizuli»                                                               
  8. «The concept of light and darkness in the poetry by Firdousi and Fizuli»                                                            
  9. «The palace of the body ( the somatisms in the Persian «Divan» by Fizuli» )»                                            
  10. «The refinement of the repetition in the rubaiats by Khagani»          
  11. «The poetic dialectics of the word and silence in the poetry by Мevlana»                                       
  12. «The synonimic line of the word «love» in the Persian «Divan» by Fizuli»                                      
  13. «The voice of the silence ( the semantic-stylistic nuances of the word «silence» in Persian «Divan» by Fizuli )»                                             
  14. «The acoustic images in the works by Nizami»                                                             
  15. «The stylistic features of the rubaiats by Mahsati in the context of the Persian-language literature»                                                              
  16. The structural-semantic identity of the private names in the Persian «Divan»s by Navoi and Fizuli                                                                     
  17. «The favorite words in Persian «Divan» by  Fizuli»»                                                                 
  18. «The burden of «the shadow» in Persian «Divan» by Fizuli»)» and the others.  
Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations

1. The member of the Expert Council of NAC of Azerbaijan 

2. The member of the Academic Council of the National Museum of Azerbaijan Literature named after Nizami Gandjavi of the National Academy of the Sciences of Azerbaijan

Pedagogical activity

Baku Islamic Institute, the instructor of the Persian language and literature

Other activities  
Awards and prizes

1. Awarded with the Letter of Commendation of the All-Union Lenin Committee of the Soviet Youth for the high professional translation activity in Кabul Polytechnic Institute in Afghanistan                            

2. Repeatedly was awarded by the Letter of Commendation for the participation in the International Conferences hold abroad ( Iran, Тurkey, Russia, Slovakia and etc. ).

Main place of work and its address NAS of Azerbaijan, the National Мuseum of Аzerbaijani Literature named after Nizami Gandjavi 
Position The head of the department of the International relations and comparativistics 
Office phone (+994 12) 4927286 
Mobile (+994 50) 7212022
Home phone (+994 12) 4973816 
Fax (+994 12) 4971261 
E-mail shafak04@mail.ru 
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