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In the next international conference held in the "Leaders Summit" on December 14-15 in one of the leading centers of science and education in the world - the city of Oxford, UK, was attended by scientists, researchers and experts from about 40 countries.

The conference, which was attended by representatives from Britain, Sweden, Italy, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, India, Russia, Ukraine, Argentina, Panama, Saudi Arabia and several other countries were listened and discussed the reports of the "Science, the main capital of the Third Millennium" and "Innovative aspects of the university town."

Report of the Chairman of the Committee on Culture of the Milli Majlis, director of the National Museum of Azerbaijani Literature, active member of ANAS and Oxford Academic Union Rafael Huseynov’s lecture has caused interest on the participants of the prestigious scientific event.

The report of the Azerbaijani scientist "General value of scientific, educational and cultural space in Europe", in fact, devoted to the problems of integration, in fact correspond to major themes of the international conference.

Academician Huseynov noted that, since the Middle Ages to the present day, sense of synthesis of East and West manifested in all areas of Azerbaijan, particularly in science, culture and education. In this regard, he elaborated on a number of interesting historical moments: "Even in the XIII century, known not only in the Middle East but throughout the world culture of the period, the Azerbaijani scientist, astronomer, mathematician, philosopher and poet Nasreddin Tusi has established Academy in the city of Maragha. In the academy headed by him (Observatory) were operated joint project scientists from around the world. Being one of the first academies with international staff in the world, this science center also coordinated the intellectual power and wealth around.

The common language of their activity was Arabic, while carrying out the functions of modern English. Thus, it created favorable conditions for a wide dissemination and usage of scientific literature and textbooks, which created in the center, in other countries”.

R. Huseynov stressed the importance of continuing these historical traditions through mutual learning and use of science, education and culture to each other around the world.

In conclusion, it was decided to include rich interesting facts and episodes, as well as the valuable suggestions of the report of Azerbaijani scientist in a collection of articles, which is planned to be published based on the results of the international conference.

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