Established Department of Public Relations at the scientific ventures of ANAS Division of Humanitarian Sciences + Photo Nov 21, 2016 | 16:01 / Conferences, assemblies

Today, next bureau meeting of the Division of Humanitarian Sciences was held.

Meeting was opened by Academician-Secretary of the Division, Academician Teymur Karimli, who informed on the issues of agenda.

Academician noted that, one of the key factors playing role in integration of Azerbaijan science to the international scientific space was reinforcing of scientific data provision. He stated that, with the goal of to improve activities of the Public Relations in ANAS and continue strengthening the provision of scientific information in the new quality, it was necessary to establish relevant structural bodies of Public Relations in scientific ventures of ANAS. To this end, Academician T. Karimli brought to mind the establishment of Public Relations Department at the scientific ventures of the Division of Humanitarian Sciences pursuant to the decision of the Presidium dated June 29, 2016.

Then, subject program and testing questions developed for difference exam “General History” of PhD students and dissertates of the Institute of Manuscripts on behalf Muhammad Fuzuli, was discussed and adopted.

At the meeting, an extended view exchange was held on the scientific-organizing issues, several opinions and suggestions were sounded.

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