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I want our friendship with journalists lasted forever. Let you know, I have always loved the journalists.


Great leader Heydar Aliyev has invaluable merits in the development of all spheres, particularly the press. From the day of his arrival to the authorities he showed special attention to the development of the press in Azerbaijan, strengthening the material-technical base in this area, strengthen social protection of journalists.

In 1991, after the return of great leader Heydar Aliyev to power has been opened a new page in the Azerbaijani press. In these years, were set the task of ensuring freedom of speech and press, creating opportunities for the free activity of the mass media in Azerbaijan.

After the restoration of state independence of Azerbaijan, a powerful impetus to the development of journalism in our country gave classified Azerbaijan a secular, democratic, legal state as to the act of Independence and the Constitution, 50 article of the Constitution, "Securing the freedom of information", as well as the first adopted by the Parliament "Media Law " in 1992. After returning of the great leader to power for the second time in ANAS it was laid the foundations of a new stage in the development of journalism, as well as in various areas of society. Due to these facts, along with the traditional authorities of printing was set for education in Azerbaijan the first sample of Internet media.

For the first time access to the Internet in Azerbaijan was carried out a group of scientists and experts in 1991 at the Institute of Information Technologies of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences. And in 1995 in Azerbaijan it has laid the foundation of the web portal - science.gov.az, which belongs to the important achievements in the development of modern national press. During this period, the official website of the Academy operated under the name www.ab.az, and in 2003 by the decision of the Presidium of ANAS was renamed science.az. Today, the portal is considered "Ekinchi" of Azerbaijani electronic media. science.az is a valuable and reliable source of information, objective coverage and promotes the ongoing reforms in the sphere of science, received the scientific achievement that reflects the significant events in the life of ANAS and historic meeting. All the news of academic life that is important to the public promptly placed in the website.

In 1998, the abolition of censorship over the press of the country paved the way for the creation of a new era of journalism. With the adoption of legislative acts regulating the activities of the media, the country started the process of printing conform to European standards. The new law is also reflected on the question of strengthening the material and technical capabilities of the leading print media operating in the country.

Approval of the law "On mass media" in 1999 was the next step of the great leader Heydar Aliyev, leading to development of our national pres. By this document the process of establishment of new organs of the press in our country became easier. In 2000-2001, Action Program was approved to improve the material-technical conditions of the media." Consideration of citizens, decision-making and legislation regarding the protection of information, freedom of information, television and radio broadcasting was provided by the expansion and development of the media.

Decree signed in 2000 by national leader Heydar Aliyev played a crucial role in the celebration of the anniversaries of the national press of Azerbaijan at the country level, as well as strengthening relations print-state. For his attention and care to the development of the national press in 2002, a great leader was awarded the "Friend of Journalists" Award, established by the Committee for Protection of Azerbaijan Journalists "Ruh".

March 15, 2003 at the First Congress of Journalists was established a non-governmental organization Press Council by journalists. All these steps accelerated the integration of the Azerbaijani press in the world press, as well as the achievement of more and more new achievements in the field of journalism.

And today we can say with certainty that the press in the country is one of the most dynamic areas of activity, improving every day thanks to the introduction of information -communication technologies. Domestic media plays an important role in building a modern information society, the preservation and promotion of national-spiritual values, including in the field of education and enlightenment.

The Head of State Ilham Aliyev takes steps, giving impetus to the development of the mass media and creating opportunities for independent activities in recent years. In 2000, 2005 and 2010 in accordance with the instructions of the President on a national scale has been widely noted 125, 130 and 135-year anniversary of the national press.

Currently, hundreds of media, news agencies, TV, radio and rapidly developing Internet resources are important from the viewpoint of providing informational needs.

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