Courage of our army in April battles strengthened people’s victory will + Photo Apr 21, 2017 | 16:23 / Conferences, assemblies

“Answer, Sir. Lieutenant” book by Yagut Bahadurgizi, chief of Aran regional department of National Museum of Azerbaijan Literature after Nizami Ganjavi PhD in Philology, devoted to the senior lieutenant Abu Bejr Ismayilov, who died in the April battles, has been presented at the Knowledge Foundation under President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Before presentation, employees of the Knowledge Foundation, martyr’s family members and frontline comrades have pilgrimaged his grave at the Alley of Honor.

At the event, Executive Director of the Knowledge Foundation Ogtay Samadov expressed his gratitude to those, having merits in publication of this book, which elucidates glorious life of Abu Bekr Ismayilov, who awarded the Order of “Flag of Azerbaijan” after his death.

Then, MP of Milli Majlis, writer-publicist Agil Abbas noted that, the courage of our army in April battles has strengthened people’s victory will. He highlighted the importance to spread such books in the secondary and higher educational institutions, including at the military units.

Martyr Abu Bekr Ismayilov’s mother Rena Ismayilova, director of the Training-Art Center after martyr pilot major Tabriz Musazade, martyr’s spouse Perishan Musazade, writer-publicist Flora Khalilzade, military journalist Zemine Khinali and others reported at the event.

In closing, a photo-slide reflecting martyr’s life and frontline was displayed.

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