Academician Rafael Huseynov wrote an introduction to the book "World Artist Rais Rasulzadeh" May 11, 2017 | 11:47 / New publications

The book "World Artist Rais Rasulzadeh" was published in the Turkish language by the National Museum of Azerbaijan Literature of ANAS. The book includes paintings of one of the outstanding personalities of Azerbaijan, a member of the Artists’ Union of Azerbaijan, Honored Artist Rais Rasulzade.

Director of the National Museum of Azerbaijan Literature, Academician Rafael Huseynov wrote an introduction to the publication under the title "Carrier of Light in Name and Pen", in which he spoke about the human qualities, the main moments of life and creativity, the artistic activity of the grandson of the great thinker, the founder of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic Mammad Amin Rasulzade - Raisa Rasulzadeh.

The owner of a great talent, Rais Rasulzadeh, is attached with all his heart to his people. He was born in November 1946 in Almaty, Kazakhstan. In the years 1972-1977 he studied at the Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University and since 1978 started his career as a teacher in the same university.

The paintings of the elected member of the Artists’ Union of Azerbaijan R.Rasulzadeh in 1978 were demonstrated at international exhibitions organized in such countries as the USA, Turkey, Russia and Cuba.

Such works written in oil paints, depicting the beauty of their native country in their paintings R. Rasulzade, as "Chinars", "Chaikend after the rain", In Absheron", "Gushchular village", "Spring in Sheki", "Shahdag", " Kepez and Murovdag "," The village at the quay "are the pearls of the fine arts of Azerbaijan.

Academician R.Huseynov completed the introduction with the following lines:

He's Rasulzade, he's a symbol!

He was entrusted to us by Muhammad!

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