Academic year of masters started at ANAS Sep 19, 2017 | 15:53 / Important events

It is known that in recent years, complex measures have been undertaken to increase the efficiency of scientific activity in ANAS, to ensure the application of the results of the fundamental research carried out in the Academy in socio-economic and other spheres. One of the works done in this direction is the organization of master's degree at ANAS.

According to the decree of the President of ANAS dated September 10, 2015, Institute of Information Technology of ANAS has been charged with training and teaching of courses on general subjects such as English, Psychology, Pedagogy, Philosophy to all Master's degree students.

In the current year, 1742 bachelors participated in the interview for getting ANAS master degree, and 67 masters have been enrolled in 17 institutes of ANAS in 12 specialties.

Today the first course Master's degree students have first lessons in foreign languages at Training Innovation Center (TIC) of the Institute of Information Technologies of ANAS. The lessons on the foreign language subject will be taught four semester groups.

It should be noted that theoretical and practical lessons on general subjects in TIC are taught by professional teachers at a high level. The semester examinations are carried out electronically.

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