Presentation of "Azerbaijan Theater Encyclopedia" held + Photo Dec 27, 2017 | 12:24 / New publications

Azerbaijani National Library after M.F.Akhundzadeh hosted the presentation of the three-volume book "Azerbaijani Theater Encyclopedia" by Professor Ilham Rahimli.

Head of the project is Minister of Culture and Tourism Abulfas Garayev, coordinator - Deputy Minister Adalyat Veliyev, editor - Honored worker of culture Atababa Ismailoglu. The editorial board includes well-known specialists in the field of science and culture.

Speaking at the event, A.Garayev noted that, the book was prepared in accordance with the State Program approved by the relevant Presidential Order Ilham Aliyev "Azerbaijan Theater in 2009-2019". Having brought to attention that the Azerbaijani area theater is more than two thousand years old, the minister stressed that there is a lot of scientific information about the Azerbaijani theater. He noted that the book, prepared on the basis of academic criteria, is of great importance for artists of various branches of art and is intended for a wide range of readers.

At the presentation ANAS Vice-President, Academician Isa Habibbeyli  told about the history of development of our national theater. It was said that, the encyclopedia reflected the activities of people who have been engaged in theatrical activity for a long time, as well as serious scientific-historical and theoretical-aesthetic materials.

Further, Director of the National Museum of Azerbaijan Literature. Nizami Ganjavi ANAS, Academician Rafael Huseynov noted that, the encyclopedia will be a worthy contribution to the 145th anniversary of the national theater, which will be held next year. The academician stressed that the national theater created in 1873 was developed and reached high heights thanks to the work of such actors as Abbas Mirza Sharifzadeh, Huseyn Arablinsky and others. It was said that, the book presents a complete picture of the development of the Azerbaijani theater.

At the event, head of the Ataturk Center in Azerbaijan, Academician Nizami Jafarov noted that, the book is the result of great work and the fruit of extensive research work by the author.

In conclusion, Professor I.Rahimli expressed in his speech gratitude to the organizers and participants of the event.

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