ANAS National Museum of Azerbaijan Literature to commemorate victims of 20 January + Photo Jan 18, 2018 | 16:08 / Conferences, assemblies

On January 18, ANAS National Museum of Azerbaijan Literature after Nizami Ganjavi held scientific session “Events of January 20 on the road to independence” dedicated to the 28th anniversary of the January 20 tragedy.

Director of the museum Academician Rafael Huseynov spoke about scientific, political, historical and philosophical essence of 20 January events.

Speaking on "From oppression to independence", Academician R.Huseynov, who witnessed the night from 19-20 January 1990, spoke about the tragic events committed by the former Soviet army, atrocities against the civilian population. He said that, the events of January 20 actually laid the foundation for Azerbaijan's independence. This became the cornerstone of Azerbaijan's struggle for the freedom of the nation.

It was noted that, on January 19, as the next stage of military operations, the power block of Azerbaijani television was blown up, the broadcasts of radio and television broadcasts of the republic were completely stopped, and on the day of the tragedy, the activities of other mass media were stopped, thereby depriving the people of the right to receive information.

Academician R.Huseynov brought to attention that the great son of Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev was able to interrupt this information blockade during the events. On January 21, 1990, he came to the Permanent Representation of Azerbaijan in Moscow and spoke before the people gathered there. He said a sharp protest in connection with the events of January 20, expressed his condolences to his people and announced solidarity with him. The January 20 statement of the leader was the first important step on the road to the collapse of the information blockade.

Then, researcher of the Garabagh branch museum of the Khurshidbanu Natavan Rahman Bakhshaliyev said that, the memory of the heroic sons of Azerbaijan, who died martyrs for the independence of our country on January 19-20, 1990, will always be highly honored by the Azerbaijani people.

In conclusion, staff of the Khurshidbanu Natavan Garabagh branch of the National Museum of Azerbaijani Literature appealed to the world museums.

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