Scientists are sure: Development of Azerbaijan will accelerate under the President Ilham Aliyev’s leadership Feb 14, 2018 | 16:19 / Conferences, assemblies

On February 14, a meeting on the Presidential Elections of the Republic of Azerbaijan was held in the Main building of ANAS.

The head of the Department of History and Ethnography of the Institute of Archeology and Ethnography, academician Teymur Bunyadov spoke about reforms carried out in the republic and highly appreciated the attention and care of the President Ilham Aliyev to the scientists. The speaker underlined that the policy pursued by the President of the country in the development of science and the influence of scientists in the society is met with great sympathy by the public. T. Bunyadov expressed confidence that scientists will support Mr. Ilham Aliyev in the upcoming presidential elections.

As a result of successful activity of President Ilham Aliyev, worthy successor of the national leader Heydar Aliyev's far-sighted policy, Azerbaijan reached a high level of development. the position of our republic among the countries of the world is a logical consequence of Mr Ilham Aliyev's purposeful policy and purposeful development carried out in the name of our people and our state, Chief scientific worker of the Institute of Philosophy, correspondent member of ANAS Konul Bunyadzade stated.

During President Ilham Aliyev’s presidency created favorable conditions for the full intellectual potential of the youth. Decrees and orders signed by the President of the country and programs implemented in the development of young scientists and specialists, in particular, played an important role in the integration of Azerbaijani science into the world, chairman of the Council of Young Scientists and Specialists of ANAS, PhD in Physics, Associate Professor Famin Salmanov lined out.

Head of the Department of Azerbaijani Literature of the Institute of Literature named after Nizami Ganjavi, correspondent member of ANAS Tehran Mustafayev spoke about the unprecedented services of President Ilham Aliyev in the development of academic science.Decrees by President Ilham Aliyev on the occasion of the 60th and 70th anniversary of ANAS The 70-year jubilee event featured a new era in the history of academic science, T.Mustafayev underlined.

The head of department of the Institute of Information Technology, PhD in economics, docent Alovsat Aliyev said that the knowledge-based society and economy formed during the rule of national leader Heydar Aliyev has been successfully developed during his term in office. The speaker underlined that thanks to the purposeful policy pursued by President Ilham Aliyev, information technologies in our country have become the leading force of modern and multi-purpose infrastructure, as well as a comprehensive socio-economic progress. The speaker noted that the use of information technologies in ANAS was regarded as one of the main perspectives of development, and implementation of the "Electronic science" program was ensured. He noted that the ANAS High Technology Park created by the order of the Head of State changed the image of the scientific environment.

Head of the Ecological Catalysis Laboratory of the Institute of Catalysis and Inorganic Chemistry named after M.Naghiyev, Doctor of Chemistry, Professor Arif Efendiyev, Head of Terminology Department of Nasimi Linguistics Institute, Professor Sayali Sadigova, Head of Human Resources and General Department of ANAS High Tech Park Ogtay Eldarov and head of the Primary Plants Systematics Department of the Botanical Institute, Professor of ANAS Dilzara Aghayeva spoke about the contribution of the President to our people and our state and stated that they would vote for Mr. Ilham Aliyev in the upcoming presidential elections.

At the end, chairman of the Young Scientists and Experts Council of the Institute of Literature named after Nizami, PhD on philology, associate professor Eshgana Babayeva made a statement of the staff of the Azerbaijani National Academy of Sciences on supporting Ilham Aliyev's candidacy in the presidential elections in Azerbaijan. The statement declares that scientists representing ANAS and a young scientific generation believe that the future of our country, the achievement of greater national intellectual and scientific development will only be possible under the leadership of Ilham Aliyev. It is reported that the scientists of the Republic of Azerbaijan unanimously will vote for Mr. Ilham Aliyev, a worthy successor of the national leader Heydar Aliyev's political course in the presidential elections to be held on April 11, 2018.

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