Division of Humanitarian Sciences discussed the dissertation issues for the 2017-2018 academic year Apr 20, 2018 | 15:54 / Conferences, assemblies

ANAS Division of Humanitarian Sciences held next meeting on April 20.

Members of the department, heads of relevant scientific institutions, scientific secretaries and co-workers took part in the event.

Academician-Secretary of Division, Academician Teymur Karimli  opened the meeting and informed about the issues on the agenda.

Then, scientific-organizational issues were considered. Firstly, there were discussed the results of admission to the doctoral studies for the preparation of PhD for the 2017-2018 academic year at scientific institutions included in the division and were given dissertation topics. Academician Teymur Karimli said that, 24 people have been admitted to the Doctorate in Philosophy Preparation this year. The speaker emphasized that prior to the dissertation theses should be thoroughly discussed by academics in the relevant field. The scientist recommends that topics be selected in accordance with the basic tasks and requirements of modern science.

After the discussions, doctoral dissertation topics were approved and decided to be submitted to Presidium.

At the event were discussed the structural changes in the scientific institutions of the unit. By the decision of the department was appealed to the Presidium of the Department of Literary Theory of Nizami Ganjavi Institute for Literary Theory, as well as the Aran regional branch of the Aran regional branch of the National Azerbaijan Literature Museum after Nizami Ganjavi.

The next issue on the agenda was about the competition announced by the ANAS scientists to be sent to the prestigious European research institutions for the purpose of completing postdoctoral scientific researches. After the discussion, it was decided to nominate candidates for the section and submit them to the competition.

At the end a number of personnel issues were considered.

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