Scientific Council on Philology held wide discussions on theses + Photo Apr 22, 2018 | 10:53 / Conferences, assemblies

The 4th meeting of the Scientific Council on Problems of Philology of the Scientific Research Coordination Council of the Republic of Azerbaijan was held.

At a meeting chaired by the director of ANAS National Museum of Azerbaijani Literature, academician Rafael Huseynov were discussed 22 topics of dissertations, 4 are presented for the degree of Doctor of Sciences, 18 - Ph.D.

At the meeting, the topic on "Orientalism in the US literature: the formation, stages and typology" of the candidate of the Azerbaijan University of Languages, Nurana Nuriyeva, who applied for the Doctor of Science program, was approved without any changes in the title.

The title of the theme of the thesis of dissertate of the Baku State University Vugar Garadaghli "Phonetic features of the Koran reading (based on the Hafs legend or the Shuba and Varsh legends)" was changed to "Phonetic features of the Koran reading on the basis of the legends Hafs, Shuba and Varsh). The title of the theme of the thesis of the dissertate Institute of Folklore of ANAS Fidan Gasimova "Typology of images, plots and formulas in Oguz and Celtic epics" was changed to "Typology of subjects and images in Oguz and Celtic epics".

The event was widely discussed around the following topics: "Morphosemantic analysis of non-production suffixes in the Azerbaijani language", "Poetic Syntax of Azerbaijani Bayati", "Poetic Heritage and Literary Views of Abbasgulu Agi Bakikhanov", "Structural and Semantic Architectonics of Quantitative Content Units in Different-System Languages", "The inflectional word-formation process in English and their translation in the Azerbaijani language", etc.

In general, 16 topics were approved at the meeting, the names of five were changed. Academician Rafael Huseynov, professors Aida Gasimova, Bilal Ismailov, Jalil Nagiyev, Asker Rasulov, Fakhraddin Veyselly, Imamverdi Hamidov, Mehdi Kazimov, Gorkhmaz Guliyev, Nadir Mammadli, Seyfaddin Rzasoy, Shafag Alibeyli, Shirindil Alishanov and Pasha Karimov participated in the discussions.

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