“Gold Medal after Nizami Ganjavi” presented Jun 08, 2018 | 17:15 / Important events

At the General Meeting of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences held the ceremony of presenting "Gold Medal after Nizami Ganjavi".

It was noted, that the right to reward the above-mentioned medal, was given to the Academy by the Decree of AR President Ilham Aliyev dated June 27, 2014. It was stressed that, submissions about scientists, whose candidature was nominated for participation in the contest, and relevant documents were transferred to the Expert Commission; after the selection of candidates for the Gold Medal, the respective comments were submitted to the Presidium. Taking into account the results of the competition, at a meeting of the Presidium, held on April 5, it was adopted a resolution on the presentation of awards.

So, active member Yusifzadeh Khoshbakht was awarded the ANAS "Golden Medal after Nizami Ganjavi" - for fundamental scientific research on the current problems of search, detection and exploitation of offshore oil and gas condensate fields, great services in the discovery of oil and gas fields in the Caspian Sea and the development of the oil industry in Azerbaijan, and member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Roald Sagdeev - for fundamental scientific contribution to the creation of modern plasma physics, important scientific results obtained in the course of international cooperation in the field of space technology, and great contribution to the development of space technologies in Azerbaijan.

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