Scientific-literary evening "Two winged" was held within the framework of the fourth "Physics and Lyrics" conference + Photo Jul 17, 2018 | 16:10 / Conferences, assemblies

On July 17, a scientific-literary evening "Two winged" was held as part of the fourth "Physics and Lyrics" conference at Central Botanical Garden of ANAS.

First, the participants of the conference got acquainted with the exhibition of paintings, calligraphy and artistic creativity of employees of ANAS, organized by the Institute of Architecture and Art. The exhibition featured 26 works of different subject areas, such as oil painting, aqueous paint and computer graphics.

Then, the participants visited the Botanical Museum, which was established under the Institute of Botany ANAS to promote botanical science. They also got acquainted with the exhibition "Green Treasure of Azerbaijan" opened in the museum.

Participants also visited the live collection of the Central Botanical Garden. Director of the garden, PhD in Biology Vahid Farzaliyev gave detailed information on the work carried out in the direction of enriching live collections.

Academician Isa Habibbayli, vice-president of ANAS, made opening remarks at the conference "Physics and Lyrics" at the Botanical Institute. Noting that the event was dedicated to the interaction of physics and lyric, the scientist talked about the unity of literature with a number of sciences. He noted that the participation of representatives of technical and natural sciences along with literary critics in the conference is effective and important. Literature is a vocabulary that reflects life with artistic images, the speaker underlined.

Then chairman of the Free Trade Union of ANAS, doctor of law Habil Gurbanov spoke about the book "Two winged", which was prepared as a contribution to the conference. He said that the book published by the Free Trade Union reflected poems of 48 ANAS employees.

Academician Javad Abdinov, deputy director of the Institute of Physics, Academician of the Institute of Physics, analyzed the relationship between literature and physics. He noted that both literature and physics are studying, reflecting, analyzing the real world with observations.

Director of the National Museum of Azerbaijan Literature , academician Rafael Huseynov gave a speech on the use of key laws in mathematics, astronomy, medicine, chemistry, physics and other sciences in the creativity of our classics and use of artistic philosophical thought based on the basic provisions of technical and natural sciences. "There is no value to connect people as artistic words," the scientist said, stressing the need to hold events dedicated to prominent word makers and wished success to the conference.

The secretary of the Union of Writers of Azerbaijan, Rashad Majid, noted that 41 members of ANAS are members of the organization he led. He presented membership cards for two more employees of the Institute of Literature - PhD philologists Aynura Pashayeva and Tarana Abdullayeva. R.Majid congratulated the young members of the creative community and wished them success in their activities.

Professor Hamlet Isakhanli, the founder of Khazar University, chairman of the Board of Directors and Trustees, made a speech.

The conference was attended by lectures on "Symbols in Literature and Science", "The Scientific Comprehension of Artistic Thinking", "Astrophysics and Lyrics" and etc.

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