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September 18 is the day of national music in our country, when the genius composer, Honored Art Worker, People's Artist of the USSR, academician Uzeyir Hajibeyli opened the world. According to the order of the national leader Heydar Aliyev, a series of events are held every year in different regions of Azerbaijan.

The birthday of the prominent composer is also marks by the opening of the International Music Festival dedicated to Uzeyir Hajibeyli. This festival is open every day on September this year and lasts for 10 days.

Uzeyir Hajibayli's literary heritage is also very rich and valuable. This unforgettable personality, which serves Azerbaijani culture and music throughout its lifetime, has featured more than 300 popular songs, including star, cantata, fantasy, songs and romances, camera and choral works. He is a true genius who created a radiant turn in Azerbaijani music. The anthems of both the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic and the Soviet Azerbaijan belonged to the great artisan. Once we have gained our independence, we are still singing the first hymn, which brings our freedom to our people.

Uzeyir Hajibeyli is a founder of the first opera in the East, along with his multifaceted activities as a composer, scientist, writer, publicist, public and political figure. The first performance was played on January 12, 1908 (25) in Baku at the theater of Haji Zeynalabdin Taghiyev. Leyli and Majnun, based on the same poem of the great Azerbaijani poet Mohammed Fuzuli, is the first opera not only in Azerbaijan, but also in the East. Following the success of the opera, Üzeyir Bey was followed by Sheikh Sanan (1909), Rustam and Sohrab (1910), Shah Abbas and Khurshidbanu, Asli and Karam (1912), Harun and Leyla (1915) as well as national operas.

The peak of Uzeyir Hajibeyli's creativity is the opera "Koroglu". "Koroglu" is one of the brilliant examples not only in the culture of Azerbaijan, but also among the world operas.

Uzeyir Hajibeyli has also prepared various materials to deliver theoretical foundations of folk music to future generations. The scientific work "Fundamentals of Azerbaijani Folk Music", published in 1945, is widely used as a musical book today, as a memory of Uzeyir Hajibeyli as a musician-scientist.

Uzeyir Hajibeyli, is a creator of new ways of formation and national composers' school in the history of Azerbaijan music culture, as the first opera in the history of Azerbaijani music, the first musical comedy and the first examples in several other genres.

It should be noted that, Uzeir Hajibeyli was one of the 15 people elected to the EA in 1945. Also, in 1945, the Azerbaijan EA Art Institute was founded by a prominent composer, and for the first time it was called the Institute of Art History of Azerbaijan. Uzeyir Bey worked as director of this institute in 1945-1948.

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