Academician Rafael Huseynov delivered a lecture in the framework of the Festival of Poetry, Art and Spirituality - Nasimi Oct 01, 2018 | 10:17 / Conferences, assemblies

Baku Book Center held lecture by academician Rafael Huseynov as part of the Festival of Poetry, Art and Spirituality - Nasimi on September 29.

In a lecture on “The tradition of imitation in the poetry of the Near and Middle East: inimitability in imitation” Rafael Huseynov told about the circle of influence of the heritage of Nasimi. Glancing over the story, he spoke about the work carried out in the Soviet period on the eve of the 600th anniversary of Nasimi. Noting the study of Azerbaijani literary critics, he noted that, during this period was carried out a lot of work in connection with the work of Nasimi.

According to R.Huseynov, Nasimi very deeply penetrated into thoughts of the person and exerted a great influence on further literature. Nasimi was the thinker who has created thinking models. After Nasimi were poets writing in Azerbaijani, however they had no such melody, grace of expressions as at Nasimi. Among them the lecturer has told the names of Gazi Burhanaddin, Habibi. He has emphasized that, it is much easier to read and realize Nasimi during the modern period.

The Rafael Huseynov brought to the attention that, after Nasimi began the return our literature and our language, were created poetic dictionaries. Nasimi exalted the literature written in his native language. If there was no Imameddin Nasimi, hurufism would not be so extensive, it would not have spread so widely. In the Middle Ages, protest movements more often occurred in cities. In these movements, Hurufism was a means. There were serious political reasons behind the rulers ’hard position against Nasimi. Because there were people following him.

It was noted that, the heritage of Nasimi also influenced the thinking of people associated with sects. For example, Nasimi tradition continued in Anatolia until the beginning of the twentieth century.

Nasimi's merit isn't limited only wrote in Azerbaijani. He also had followers who sought to write in the creativity in the same clean language as Nasimi and all this has exerted impact on Azerbaijani and the Azerbaijani literature.

In conclusion, stressing the importance of the Festival of Poetry, Art and Spirituality - Nasimi, academician Rafael Huseynov noted that, within the framework of the festival were held the significant events.

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