Academician Rafael Huseynov: "A commission should be set up to search for victims of repression" Oct 29, 2018 | 17:27 / Interviews, speeches

Director of the National Museum of Azerbaijan Literature named after Nizami Ganjavi of ANAS, academician Rafael Huseynov commented on the claims of the great poet, the victim of repression, Mikhail Mushfig's remains. The scientist noted that this is a highly sensitive issue and requires careful research.

R.Huseynov added that it is our duty to seek graves of great figures who sacrificed during the repressions - Ahmed Javad, Salman Mumtaz and other prominent figures of Azerbaijan.

The scientist talked about the fact that he had received hundreds of documents in the archives of the former State Security Committee, not only in Azerbaijan, but also in Russia and Central Asia. He said that those who were sentenced to gunfire did not find any evidence of where and how they were buried in the case of acts of execution.

In 1937, even a few people were killed in one day, academics said the burial of individuals killed in private graves was not convincing. He said that some of the shooters had been buried in the oil wells that had been exploited during that time: "I think that a commission should be established to find the graves of repression victims, and Mushfig and other personalities should be investigated." In this regard, it is possible to get real facts from the State Security Service, the scientist said, adding that it would be possible to find other graves through that information.

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