Scientific conference on “Uniting nations - Khayyam's word” kicked off + Photo Nov 15, 2018 | 10:00 / Conferences, assemblies

ANAS National Museum of Azerbaijani Literature held “Uniting nations - Khayyam's word” an international scientific conference  dedicated to the great thinker of the 12th century Omar Khayyam on November 15, 2018.

Director of the Museum, academician Rafael Huseynov delivered a paper on “Word’s Khayyam, Khayyam's Word”, told about the life and work of an outstanding thinker, that O.Khayyam was known not only in the Middle East, but throughout the world.

Academician said that, he was a prominent astronomer and mathematician of his period, making important discoveries and inventions in the fields of science. At the same time, philosophical tracts and wise-hearted rabbis have turned him into one of the exceptional facets of both philosophical ideas and literature.

At the event, also were listened other reports. The conference will continue its work on the sections and will wrap up on November 16.

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