Commemorative badges of ANAS are established Apr 04, 2019 | 14:51 / Interesting information

On April 3, at the meeting of the Presidium of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, the issue on the establishment of Commemorative badges of ANAS was discussed. It was noted that the awards of ANAS were established to encourage scientists who made a great contribution to the development of science and made important achievements to the scientists, as well as to perpetuate the memory of a number of prominent Azerbaijani scientists.

It was expedient to replace the rewards of the Presidium with Commemorative badges. So, the following Commemorative badges have been established - "Academician Mirasadulla Mirgasimov on medicine", "Academician Mustafa Topchubashov on medicine", a memorable sign "Academician Zarifa Aliyeva in medicine", a memorable sign "Academician Yusif Mammadaliyev on chemistry" “Academician Murtuza Naghiyev on chemistry ", "Academician Uzeyir Hajibeyli on art”, " Academician Mikayil Useynov on architecture and art ", "Academician Samad Vurgun on Literature, Poetry ", “Academician Musa Aliyev on geology", “Academician Hasan Aliyev in the field of soil science and geography", "Academician Zahid Khalilov on mathematics", "Academician Azad Mirzazhanzadeh on oil field", "Academician Hasan Abdullayev on physics area" , " Professor Lutfi Zadeh on Computer Science”. In addition, a special on the chemistry of ANAS was set up to be presented to those who supported the development of science and to the establishment of ANAS.

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