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Scientific Council on Philological Problems held the next meeting under the chairmanship of academician Rafael Huseynov at ANAS National Museum of Azerbaijan Literature after Nizami Ganjavi.

Chairman of the board, academician Rafael Huseynov presented a textbook "Arab Literature of V-XIII centuries" by Aida Gasimova. Congratulating the author of this valuable publication, R.Huseynov noted that, the book is a remarkable event in the Arabic language, but it is also a valuable resource for those interested in the history of the Eastern art word, as well as filling the gap in the field of native textbooks that prevent students from learning more about classical Arabic literature.

Further, the question of theses applying for the second index was considered, were made appropriate decisions. The dissertation of PhD students: Elmira Mamedova and Gumru Guliyeva was considered.

The next issue on the agenda was related to the registration of dissertation topics. At the meeting, 27 dissertations were discussed, 9 of which were related to the training program for doctors of science and 18 on PhDs.

Dissertations of PhD students of the Baku Slavic University Zahra Gulamova and the Institute of Linguistics after Nasimi Elchin Ibragimov was approved without any changes.

During the discussions, deputy chairman Askar Rasulov, Council Secretary, Professor Aida Gasimova, Board members - Doctors of Philology, Professor Jalil Naghiyev, Bedirkhan Ahmadov, Pasha Karimov, Fakhreddin Veyselli, Shafag Alibeyli, Gulu Magerramli and others speakers made and put forward their recommendations and proposals.

A total, the 27 topics were discussed, 6 of which made changes, 18 were approved and 10 were found to be non-compliant.

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