National Museum of Azerbaijan Literature - 80 Jun 10, 2019 | 15:51 / Jubilees

The literature of each country has a great influence on the formation of its cultural values, public consciousness, and literary thinking. Azerbaijani literature has made a significant contribution to world literature through the works of poets and writers. There are hundreds of articles, books and monographs on prominent representatives of Azerbaijani literature. However, the Azerbaijani people have a chance to get acquainted with original works of our writers and poets, with examples of sculpture and applied art. All is about National Museum of Azerbaijan Literature (ANAS), which is located in the center of Baku, attracting the attention of the people with its mysterious beauty. The magnificent statues of 6 prominent Azerbaijani master - Fuzuli, Vagif, M.F.Akhundov, Natavan, J.Mammadguluzadeh and J. Jabbarli were erected on the balcony of this museum, which is named after Nizami Ganjavi. 80 years have elapsed since the foundation of this magnificent museum.

The main mission of the museum is to create a living idea about a particular period by presenting them. It is possible to get acquainted with the main moments of the history of the Azerbaijani people, its monuments and the creativity of great poet Nizami Ganjavi. Every day, this magical place is visited by dozens of people, including prominent statesmen, scholars, intellectuals, students, schoolchildren. The exposition hall, portraits, tables, illustrations reflecting the contemporary Azerbaijani literature, are of great interest to the audience. After visiting the museum, guests share their impressions in the Review Book. After visiting the Museum in 1959, the great poet of the Turkic world, Nazim Hikmet, wrote words in the book.

 The exposition of the museum, which meets world standards, is fully reflected in computerized and innovative technologies, reflects the development stages of Azerbaijani literature. The ancient manuscripts, material and cultural samples, paintings, carpets, rare printed books, exquisite miniatures, manuscripts of famous calligraphers, numismatic samples, and documentary photographs attract the attention of the guests.

Under the leadership of the Nizami Museum, scientists and researchers working here regularly gather and explore art materials in order to enrich this unique space and publish scientific and publicist works.

The museum has recently taken serious steps to expand international relations. The Department of International Relations and World Museums, which operates here, organizes the work of the museum in the fields of science and culture, conduction of international conferences and events. It also ensures attendance of museum staff in meetings of international organizations, conferences, symposiums, seminars and professional development courses.

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