Opened the bas-relief on the wall of the house in which the outstanding composer Vasif Adigozalov lived Feb 19, 2020 | 14:28 / Important events

On February 18, the bas-relief on the wall of the house was opened, in which one of the prominent Azerbaijani composers, a national artist, professor, State Prize laureate, holder of the orders of “Shohrat” and “Istiglal” Vasif Adigozalov lived.

The opening ceremony was attended by state and government officials, well-known figures of science and culture.

Speaking at the event, an outstanding composer, singer and public figure, people's artist Polad Bulbuloglu, academician Rafael Huseynov, people's writer Anar Rzayev, retired police major general Kamil Mammadov shared their memories of Vasif Adigozalov, talked about the creative path that his composer passed on and style.

It was noted that although Vasif Adigozalov was born and grown up in Baku, he never forgot about the land of his ancestors - Karabakh. His father Zulfi Adigozalov was from Karabakh. The occupation by Armenians of Shusha, and then the whole of Karabakh, shocked Vasif Adigozalov. It is no coincidence that in the works created by the composer in the last years of his life, sad notes prevailed. The oratorio “Garabagh shikestesi”, compositions “Caravan of sorrows”, “Shusham, laylay”, opera “Natavan”, on which he worked for eleven years, were born out of a feeling of longing for Karabakh. And today the immortal works of the composer bring grief and sadness to Karabakh to the whole world, which is still under Armenian occupation.

It was brought to the attention that the work of the composer is very wide and varied. His works, created in various musical genres, earned the love of listeners. Vasif Adigozalov is the author of two operas “Dead Men” and “Natavan”, six musical comedies, including “The Royal Bird of My Grandmother”, “Haji Gara”, co-authored by composer Ramiz Mustafayev, “Let’s Divorce – Will Married”, and “Aldin payini chagir dayini”, as well as the oratorio “ Land of Fires ”,“ Garabagh Shikestesi ”, “Chanaggala - 1915”, “Caravan of Sorrows”, three symphonies, the mugamic symphony “ Segah”, symphonic poems“ Stages ”, “ frica is fighting”, five instrumental concerts, numerous chamber instrumental compositions, up to a hundred songs and romances, music for performances and feature films. Most of the composer's work, encompassing various genres, is composed of piano music. And this is no coincidence. His talent as a pianist has always been highly praised by the music community. Even in his student years, the composer created a number of works for piano - from preludes to concert for piano and orchestra.

Speaking then, folk artist Yalchin Adigozalov expressed his gratitude to the head of state for his attention to his father’s work. He emphasized that the 80th anniversary of the outstanding composer’s birthday is marked by a series of events on the basis of the relevant Decree of the head of state. This is an expression of high appreciation and endless love for the work of V. Adigozalov.

Then a red ribbon was cut, symbolizing the discovery of the bas-relief, the author of which is the sculptor Aslan Rustamov.

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