Herve Le Tellier is awarded the Prix Goncourt Nov 30, 2020 | 20:26 / Interesting information

The French literary prize Prix Goncourt this year goes to the author Herve Le Tellier. The 63-year-old received France’s coveted literary award for “L’Anomalie”, as the jury announced on Monday in Paris. The book is about a unique event that turns the lives of hundreds of passengers on a flight from Paris to New York upside down.

Le Tellier is awarded for “L’Anomalie”.


Le Tellier has published over 20 works, several of which have appeared in German, such as the autobiographical novel “All die Glücklichen Familien” and “Ich und der President. A letter novel”. “L’Anomalie”, a mixture of thriller, human comedy and science fiction, is to be published in German by Rowohlt.

The coveted Prix Goncourt is only endowed with a symbolic ten euros, but above all it boosts sales. It has been awarded since 1903. The Prix Renaudot, which was awarded at the same time, went to Marie-Helene Lafon for “Histoire du fils” (German: The story of the son). The 58-year-old tells the story of a child who was born to an unknown father.


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