Employees of the Nizami Museum attended in an international symposium dedicated to the Year of Bilge Tonyukuk Dec 05, 2020 | 22:03 / Conferences, assemblies

An international symposium dubbed "Turkic Culture, Art and Preservation of Cultural Heritage" dedicated to the Year of Bilge Tonyukuk, organized by Selcuk University and Aydin Adnan Menderes University in Konya, Turkey, kicked off on December 2. Scientists of the National Museum of Azerbaijani Literature named after Nizami Ganjavi of ANAS were among the participants from Azerbaijan during the two-day event.

Employees of the Nizami Museum – Ph.Ds in Philology Sevinj Heydarova and Nazmiyya Yigitoglu, Ph.D in Culturology Naila Aliyeva, Ph.D in Philosophy Kamala Nuriyeva and a doctoral student of the museum Gulnar Agig’s lectures in Turkish and English on topics - "Presentation of the Azerbaijani National Press and Nizami Museum", " Invasion History of the Azerbaijan lands in the National Literature", "Reflection  of the culture of the Shirvanshahs period in the exposition of the Nizami Museum", "Abbasgulu Aga Bakikhanov's work “Riyazu-l-Quds” as a classic example", "Reflection of the Iran-Russia war in the literature of the Gajar era" were listened.

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