Division of Humanitarian Sciences of ANAS presented an annual report Dec 19, 2019 | 16:11 / Conferences, assemblies

On December 19, a bureau meeting of the Division of Humanitarian Sciences of ANAS was held. The event was attended by bureau members, scientific secretaries of relevant scientific institutions, etc.

Opening the meeting, academician-secretary of the Division, academician Teymur Karimli introduced the participants to the issues on the agenda.

The first one at the event was the question of the results of the scientific and scientific-organizational activities of the scientific institutions of the Division in 2019. Speaking about the activities carried out in the institutes and organizations of the Division, T. Karimli emphasized that in the reporting year 483 works on 29 problems covering 104 topics were carried out in scientific institutions of the division at 184 stages, 205 works on 23 topics at 183 stages were completed. Division published 188 books, 102 monographs, 39 textbooks and popular science manuals, 2198 articles and 446 abstracts, including 11 books, 14 monographs, 291 articles and 82 abstracts were published abroad. Noting that 39 articles by scientists of the Division were published in journals with an impact factor, the academician added that 2 grants were received by scientific institutions.

Speaker said that in 2019, 12 theses for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy and one thesis for the degree of Doctor of Science were defended. T. Karimli also noted that in the reporting year, 7 people continued their studies in the master studies.

After speeches and discussions, an appropriate resolution was adopted.

Then, some staff and current issues were considered.

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