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Gasimova Aida  Shahlar

Place of birth Aghdam, Azerbaijan   
Date of birth 2 June, 1957 
Education Advanced studies 
Scientific degree Doctor in Philology 
Title Professor 

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Literature of foreign countries of Asia and Africa

Emergence of the Genre “Makamah” in Arabic Literature 

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10. 01. 03

Azerbaijani Literature

Qur’anic Stories as one of the ideological and artistic sources of Azerbaijani Literature of XIV-XVI centuries.  

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Basic scientific achievements

For the first time in Azerbaijani Philology I studied the influence of the Qur’an on ideological and artistic features of literature.

Participated with presentations in conferences at University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, Yale University.

Names of scientific works
  1. The Ascension of the Prophet Muhammad, Pub. House of Azerbaijan Writers Association, Baku, 1994, 105p.
  2. Qur’anic Stories in Fuduli’s Poetry,BakuStateUniversity, Baku 1995, 195 p.
  3. Qur’anic Stories and Azerbaijan Literature of the XIV-XVI Centuries, Baku. Baku State University, 1998, 430p. Rewritten and republished as Qur’anic Stories as an Ideology-Symbolical Source of Azerbaijani Literature of the XIV-XVI Centuries, Baku, Nurlan, 2005,346 pp.
  4. Mental-Spiritual Life of pre-Islamic Arabs (book I) Baku, “Elm”, Pub. House of Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, 2007, 235 p.
  5. Arabic Medieval Picaresque Short Stories.Baku, Elm, 2007. 165 pp.
  6. Nawabigh Nahdat al-Islam, Dirasat fi siratey al-Mutanabbi wa Badi al-Zaman al-Hamadani, (Coryphaei of Islamic Renaissance, A Case Study of the Biographies of al-Mutanabbi and Badi al-Zaman al-Hamahani), Baku, 2013
Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations
  1. Member, The Islamic Manuscript Association
  2. Member of the Advisory broad of the Journal “Ibn Rushd”
Pedagogical activity

Professor at Baku State University

Other activities  
Awards and prizes
  1. Prize: “The Abdulaziz Saud Al-Babtain for Imam Al-Bukhari’s Grandchildren,” 1998
  2. Global Faculty Award of Open Society Foundations, 2013 
Main place of work and its address Baku State University, Baku, Z. Khalilov street, 23 
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