Republican conference on "Nizami and world culture" to be held



ANAS National Museum of Azerbaijani Literature named after Nizami Ganjavi of the Republican will host the conference "Nizami and world culture" dedicated to Nizami Ganjavi’s 875th anniversary on 24 November  2016.

During the conference provides a discussion of the following topics:

I Interaction and development of creativity of Nizami Ganjavi and world culture  

1. The problem of the synthesis of Eastern and Western cultures in the work of Nizami

2. Problems of research, publication and promotion of identity and heritage of Nizami at the international level

3. Problem of the Renaissance and the essence of the Renaissance in Nizami art

4. The western sources "Khamsa" and influence of Nizami creativity on the Western literary thought

5. The manuscripts of works by Nizami and miniatures made to the "Khamsa" in the world's libraries and archives

II Nizami literary school and the tradition of the "Khamsa"

1. The literary school of Nizami and main features

2. The impact of ideas and plots of Nizami in Persian, Arabic, Turkish, Indian literature and literature of other peoples of the East

3. Nizami and Azerbaijani literature

4. Nizami Ganjavi and folklore issues

5. "Khamsa" by Nizami and translation problems of "Divan"

III "Khamsa" by Nizami Ganjavi as an encyclopedia of knowledge

1. Science in "Khamsa".

2. "Khamsa" and matters of art.

3. "Khamsa" as a collection of moral and spiritual values.

4. Nizami about art of word and poetry.

5. "Khamsa" by Nizami as both encyclopedic and large-scale literary source thinking

IV Matters of form, genre and poetics in Nizami heritage and in classical Eastern literature

1. Poetics of "Divan" by Nizami

2. Art issues in "Khamsa"

3. Matters of form and genre in classical poetics of Azerbaijan literature.

4. "Khamsa" in the literature of peoples of the Near and Middle East and their poetic dignity

V The Heritage of Nizami in the Azerbaijani and world art

1. Nizami's creativity and art

2. "Khamsa" and fine arts

3. An image of Nizami and motives of "Khamsa" in sculpture

4. Heritage of Nizami and film art

5. Heritage of Nizami and material culture

6. The personality and creativity of Nizami in the world museums

To participate in the conference abstracts of papers should be sent by e-mail nizamimuzeyikonfransmail.ru until May 10, 2016 and the complete text of adopted abstracts of reports - until September 15, 2016. In the thematic section of the letter must specify the appropriate department.

Requirements for abstracts and articles:

- Author's name, last name, academic degree, position, name of the scientific institution, e-mail address (e-mail) and contact number should be written on the first page, right above in bold letters.

- Thesis should be of 2 pages in Times New Roman 12 font, interval 1, 5

- Paper should be of 10 pages in Times New Roman 14 font, interval 1, 5

- Thesis submitted to the conference will be assessed by the committee, which included scientists in terms of compliance with requirements, scientific relevance and originality

Important dates:

Deadline for reception of abstract reports: May 10, 2016

Notification of abstract acceptance: June 15, 2016

Submission of abstract articles: September 30, 2016

Coordinates of the organizing committee:

Address: Baku, Istiglaliyyat, AZ1005 53

Phone: (994 12) 505 53 16; (994 12) 505 53 17

E-mail: nizamimuzeyikonfransmail.ru 

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