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Allahverdieva Maila Hasanagha

Place of birth Jalilabad  
Date of birth 27.I.1959

Baky State University

Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University

Scientific degree PhD on philology

Topic of  PhD thesis:

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Azerbaijani literature

Fable in Azerbaijani poetry of the XX century

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Basic scientific achievements  
Names of scientific works
  1. The appearance of the fables for children in Azerbaijan // Collection of the researches “Risale”, Baku, Publishing House “Nurlan”, 2007
  2. Fable in the creation of Mikail Mekhfi and Merkez Gadjar, “Risale”, “Nurlan”, 2008
  3. The role of the fables by Hikmet Ziya in Azerbaijani poetry, “Risale”, “Nurlan”
  4. The development of the fables in the world and Azerbaijani literature. “Varlig”, IRI, 1388
  5. Modern children literature and its representatives. “Varlig”, 1389
  6. Children’s allegory and fables in the creation of Ilyas Tapdig // the series of Humanities and Social Sciences of NASA, “News”
  7. The fables for children in Azerbaijani poetry of the II half of the XX century // “Risale”, “Science and Education” publishing house, 2011
  8. Fable in modern Azerbaijani poetry. The place of literature and culture in the national self-affirmation of the Azerbaijani people. The materials of International Conference
  9. Modern Azerbaijani allegory and its representatives III International Conference. Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University, 2010
  10. From the history of the European fables. Language and Literature. International scientific-theoretical magazine
  11. The fables for children in the creation by Teimur Elchin. The ways of the development of the science of oriental studies of Azerbaijan. The materials of the International Conference devoted to the 70 anniversary of the academician Vasim Mammadaliev, 2013
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Other activities  
Awards and prizes  Badge of honour order; badge of excellent student; 3 diplomas of Komsomol
Main place of work and its address ANAS National Museum of Azerbaijani literature named after N.Ganjavi. Istiglaliyet str.53 
Position Scientific worker 
Office phone (+994 12) 4927286
Mobile (+994 55) 6036533
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