Marked People's artist Omar Eldarov's 90th anniversary Dec 01, 2017 | 16:21 / Jubilees

On December 1, the Institute of Architecture and Art hosted a scientific session dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the academician Omar Eldarov, prominent sculptor, People's artist, with "Sharaf" and "Istiqlal" order, rector of the Azerbaijan Institute of Architecture and Arts.

Academician Isa Habibbeyli, vice-president of ANAS, spoke about the rich life and creative way of the scientist. He noted that, during all his significant years, Omar Eldarov was an active participant of scientific-literary and socio-cultural life of Azerbaijan, along with productive creativity. Famous sculptor has long been a professional artist in our republic. His artistic sculptures made a worthy place in many museums around the world.

O.Eldarov is the author of several monuments in the city of Nakhchivan, Baku and other cities. The monument complex on the tomb of the national leader in the Alley of Honor is an example of art that survives high artistic-aesthetic qualities. The artist achieved the creation of a mysterious monument complex, describing the image of the great leader on the background of the map of the Azerbaijan Republic, vice-president of ANAS underlined.

I.Habibbeyli congratulated the great man and wished him success in his rich creative activity.

Then Director of the Institute of Architecture and Art, correspondent member of ANAS Ertegin Salamzadeh presented the report on "Outstanding sculptor, academician Omar Eldarov". A.Salamzade said that the philosophical ideas and creative thinking of our people were expressed at the highest level in the work of the master craftsman. Omar Eldarov is one of the rarest artists able to present the images to the audience with great success, he stated.

The speakers highly appriciated activities of O.Eldarov, who have great services in the development of Azerbaijani culture and art and congratulated the artist.

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