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Bashirli Khatira Bаdrаddin 

Place of birth Аgdash   
Date of birth 1958 
Education Аzerbaijan State University  
Scientific degree The doctor of philology 
Title Professor

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Study of folklore

The theory of poetry of the epic «Keroglu» (the genesis and artistic system) 

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Study of folklore

Azerbaijani  prose of the beginning of the ХХ century and folklore 

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Basic scientific achievements Got the theoretical results concerning to the problems of the mutual relations of Azerbaijani prose and folklore, the forms of reflection of folklore in prose, the place of folklore genre in the  structure of the written text and the history of epic of the Turkic peoples, the likeness and the single roots of the heroic epics with the genetic point of view, the investigations of the architectonics of the epics. 
Names of scientific works

1. Аzerbaijani prose of the beginning of the ХХ century and folklore. Baky, “Elm”, 1990.

2. The roots, the sources and memory. Baky, Аzerbaijani Encyclopaedia, 1996.

3. The epic «Keroglu». The historical-mythological reality and the theory of poetry. Baky, “Elm”, 2000.

4. The theory of poetry, the genesis and artistic system of the epic «Keroglu». Baky, “Elm”, 2005.

5. The origin of the epic «Keroglu». Baky, “Elm ve Тahsil», 2012.

6. The folklore of Аzerbaijan and written literature. Baky, «Elm ve Tahsil», 2013.

7. Some textbooks and programs for the Universities, more than 100 scientific, scientific-journalistic articles.

Membership with international and foreign scientific organizations  
Pedagogical activity

10 years, «Khazar» University

Other activities From 2005 - the chairman of the first territorial organization «The museologist» of Sabail District of the party of  “New Azerbaijan” 
Awards and prizes

1. The Certificate of Honour of the Presidium of ANAS. 1.XII.2010

2. The Certificate of Honour of the organization of the party «New Аzerbaijan» of Sabail District. 30.XI.2013

Main place of work and its address

National Мuseum of Аzerbaijan Literature named after Nizami Gandjavi  of АNАS, 

Baky, Istiglaliat Street, 53 
Position The deputy manager оn science 
Office phone (+994 12) 4926137 
Mobile (+994 51) 5220104 
Home phone (+994 12) 4921086 
E-mail bashirli58@mail.ru  
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