National Museum of Azerbaijani Literature of ANAS donated three books of the Turkish soldiers, who served in Baku in 1917-1918 Jul 18, 2016 | 16:00 / Meetings

National Museum of Azerbaijani Literature of ANAS donated three books of the Turkish soldiers Ali oglu Ahmed, who arrived in Baku under the command of Nuru Pasha in 1917-1918. and served in the 12th Regiment of the Caucasian Islamic Army.

Books “Şakircan Əlhəmdi Əttəkva. İslam ibadətləri”, “Hacı Əbdülhəmid Hamid Əlbərzənci”, “Əli Nəzima. Mükatibə-ye məxsus tarix kitabları kolleksiyonu” donated to the museum by granddaughter of Ali oglu Ahmed Mashida Niymet Memish are important from the point of view of studying the events that took place in Baku at the beginning of the twentieth century.

Note that, the book was written by an old alphabet (in Turkish and Azerbaijani languages).

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